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Snow Removal

Snow Removal Calgary

In Alberta's hard winter, the last thing you want to do is go outside and strain yourself clearing snow. Sign up for one of our monthly programs in Alberta to get your mind off the snow. Or, if it snows, give us a call, and we'll come straight over for professional Calgary snow removal!​

We understand that dealing with snow can be a daunting task, especially during Alberta’s harsh winters. That’s why our team is dedicated to providing you with top-notch snow removal services. We’re equipped with the right tools and expertise to handle any snow situation. So, sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting. Enjoy the beauty of winter from the comfort of your home, knowing that your property is in good hands. Remember, we’re just a call away whenever you need us!

Effective Snow Removal in Calgary You Need To Know

Snow Removal Pricing

Snow Removal On Demand

Starting At

$35/Per Visit
  • $35 Front Walkway
  • $45 Front Sidewalk + Walkway
  • $45 Driveway
  • $55 Driveway + Sidewalk
  • $65 Driveway + Walkway + Sidewalk
  • $65/Hour Ice Chipping/Removal
  • Free Quotes
  • 10% Seniors Discount

Comercial Properties

Monthly Flat Rate

  • Sidewalk & Doorway Clearing
  • Clear Every 24 Hour For A Multi-Day Snow Event
  • Comply with All Calgary Local Bylaws

Snow Removal Contracts

Starting At

  • $230 Monthly Snow Removal
  • $920 Seasonal Snow Removal (Entire Season)
  • Contract Includes
  • 1 Driveway
  • 1 Front Sidewalk
  • 1 Front Walkway
  • Snow Blowing

What's Included in Residential Snow Removal

No matter the size of your residential property, Landgraf Lawn Care is your dedicated partner for Calgary snow removal services. Choose from flexible options tailored to your needs, whether on a snow-by-snow basis or through the convenience of our comprehensive monthly plan. With Yardwork, bid farewell to the challenges of snow removal, ensuring your property remains well-maintained throughout the winter season in Calgary.

Explore the inclusive features of our monthly plan for residential Calgary snow removal:

  • Benefit from a straightforward flat monthly rate applicable to both residential and commercial properties in Calgary.
  • Our proficient crew is at your disposal, available for multiple visits per day to ensure efficient and timely residential snow removal.
  • Experience the ease of having your front walkways and doorways cleared as part of our residential snow removal services.
  • Count on us to clear snow within 24 hours after the conclusion of any snowfall, minimizing disruptions to your daily routine during the Calgary winter season.
  • For multi-snow day events, our dedicated team commits to clearing snow every 24 hours, providing consistent residential snow removal support.
  • Rest assured that our crew will help you fulfill your civic duty in Calgary by keeping your property and adjacent sidewalks clear of snow.
  • Your residential snow removal rate will be thoughtfully determined based on your property’s square footage, with additional consideration for high-traffic areas.
  • If you require more than one service per day for residential snow removal, additional visits are available at $62.50/hour, with a minimum of one hour per visit.

Trust Landgraf Lawn Care for your residential snow removal needs in Calgary, ensuring a winter season free from worries. Our commitment goes beyond routine services – we strive to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your home in Calgary is well-cared for during the winter months.

What's Included in Commercial Snow Removal

Whether your business property is sprawling or compact, Landgraf lawn Care is your trusted partner for Calgary snow removal services. We present flexible options for businesses, allowing you to choose between a snow-by-snow basis or opt for the convenience of our monthly plan. With Yardwork, say goodbye to the hassle of Calgary snow removal, knowing that your property will be well taken care of.

Discover the comprehensive features included in our monthly plan for Calgary snow removal:

  • Enjoy the simplicity of a flat monthly rate tailored for both residential and commercial properties in Calgary.
  • Our dedicated crew is at your service, ready to come out more than once per day, ensuring prompt and efficient Calgary snow removal.
  • Experience the convenience of having your sidewalks and doorways cleared as part of our Calgary snow removal services.
  • Rely on us to clear snow within 24 hours after a snowfall ends, maintaining the accessibility and safety of your property in Calgary.
  • For multi-snow day events in Calgary, our team is committed to clearing snow every 24 hours, providing continuous Calgary snow removal support.
  • Fulfill your civic duty in Calgary by entrusting us to keep your property and surrounding sidewalks clear of snow, contributing to the overall safety of the community.
  • Your rate for Calgary snow removal will be meticulously determined based on your property’s square footage, with special consideration given to high traffic areas.

Trust Landgraf Lawn Care for your Calgary snow removal needs, and relish a winter season without worry. Our commitment extends beyond routine services; we aim to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your business property in Calgary is in capable hands.

Have any Questions?

Landgraf Lawn Care is Here to Answer Them

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our snow removal service includes plowing, shoveling, and de-icing is available(Not Included).
  • We monitor weather conditions to provide timely snow clearing services.
  • We offer both one-time and contract-based snow removal options.
  • Our priority is to ensure safety and accessibility for your property during winter.
  • We provide snow removal for residential homes.
  • Our services extend to commercial properties, including offices, retail stores, and industrial facilities.
  • We can accommodate properties of various sizes and layouts.
  • Customized snow removal plans are available to meet the unique needs of each property.
  • Yes, we offer 24/7 emergency snow removal services.
  • You can contact us anytime, day or night, during severe weather conditions.
  • Our team is equipped to handle urgent snow clearing needs promptly.
  • We prioritize critical areas like entrances, walkways, and driveways during emergencies.

What equipment do you use for snow removal? ⬅️

  • Our fleet includes snow blowers and shovels for precise clearing. 
  • John Deer utility tractor with snow brush.
  • We use de-icing materials such as salt and sand when necessary.
  • We regularly maintain and upgrade our equipment to ensure efficiency.
  • Environmentally friendly snow removal options are available upon request.
  • You can request services through our website or by contacting our office.
  • We recommend scheduling services in advance for regular maintenance.
  • During heavy snowfall events, we may contact you to initiate service.
  • Our team will work with you to create a snow removal plan that suits your needs and budget in Calgary

Our prices start as low as $35 for basic Front walkways per visit. if you have a specialized property or a commercial property you can contact us HERE for a free Quote.

We are located in sw calgary, and offer snow removal services in sw(south west) calgary. for larger properties or commercial we offer services city wide. if we have enough requests from a particular area we will consider increasing our service area. 

  • Ice Melt is not included.
  • Gravel and snow carrying services are also not included in the monthly plan for commercial customers.

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