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Mulch Installation

Professional Mulch Installation Services

Nurturing Elegance and Vitality in Your Green Spaces Elevate your garden to a flourishing haven with Landgraf Lawn Care's expert mulch installation services. Proudly serving our community, we are dedicated to improving both the vitality and the charm of your landscape with our professional mulching techniques. Our services do more than just enhance the aesthetic allure of your garden; they play a pivotal role in boosting soil health and fertility, integral to comprehensive garden maintenance.

Mulch Installation Services

Parkland Premium Mulch Install

  • Ground Preparation
  • Delivery
  • Material Supply
  • Install Minimum 200 square feet

Optional Add On's

  • $80 Core Aeration
  • $110 Power Raking
  • Contact Us - Fertilization
  • $75/Hour Weeding
  • $65/Hour Blowout
  • $65 Overseeding
  • $165 Overseed (Single Service)

Benefits of Having Mulch Installed

Robust Soil for Radiant Greenery

At Landgraf Lawn Care, we understand that mulch is the unsung hero of a thriving garden. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, our mulch installation service ensures that your soil remains hydrated and weed-free, while also providing a steady infusion of nutrients. As the mulch naturally decomposes, it transforms into a rich, organic feast for your plants, fostering stronger growth and a more lush, verdant landscape.

Water Conservation and Resilience Against Elemental Shifts

Our mulch does more than just beautify your garden; it serves as a guardian against the unpredictable whims of nature. In Calgary’s dynamic weather, where the battle for moisture is constant, our mulch acts as a reliable shield, preserving water at the root level and buffering your plants against searing heat and chilling cold. With Landgraf Lawn Care’s mulch, your garden is not only more resilient but also becomes a model of ecological responsibility, championing water conservation with every square foot.

Have any Questions?

Landgraf Lawn Care is Here to Answer Them

Frequently Asked Questions For Mulch Installation

  • Mulch serves several purposes: it suppresses weeds, enriches the soil, retains moisture, and regulates soil temperature, making it a vital component of healthy landscaping.
  • There are various types of mulch, including organic options like wood chips, bark, straw, and compost, as well as inorganic choices such as rubber chips and gravel.
  •  The amount of mulch needed depends on the size of your garden. A general rule is to aim for a layer that is 2-4 inches deep.

The ideal time for mulching is late spring after the soil has warmed up, or in the fall to protect plants over the winter.

  •  Clear the area of weeds and debris, and consider laying down a landscape fabric to prevent weed growth.

Regularly check the depth and add more mulch as needed. Fluffing the mulch can prevent matting and allow water to penetrate more effectively.

A mulch layer should be between 2-4 inches deep. Avoid piling it against plant stems and tree trunks to prevent rot.

  • Organic mulch should be checked annually and replenished as needed to maintain proper depth. Inorganic mulch may last longer but should be checked for displacement.
  • While some types of mulch can attract insects, using cedar or cypress mulch can help deter pests due to their natural oils.
  • Yes, mulch helps maintain soil moisture and temperature, reduces weed competition, and adds nutrients to the soil as it decomposes, all of which contribute to plant health.

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